We are a research group led by Prof. Yi Huang in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at McGill University.

We mainly study physical climatology, with a focus on atmospheric radiation. We use satellite observations and numerical models to understand how radiative energy, in connection with other physical processes, drives weather and climate variations. We also develop methods that apply radiative measurements to atmospheric remote sensing and climate change monitoring.

Inquiries from prospective students at all levels (graduate, undergraduate and postdoc) are WELCOME! Please contact Prof. Huang by e-mail about research opportunities; it would be very helpful to enclose your CV and transcripts!



Yi Huang
Associate Professor
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
McGill University
Google Scholar, Web of Science


Graduate students

KevinBloxam    Kevin Bloxam, MSc, 2016/09-, recipient of 2017-2018 Canada Graduate Scholarship

NataliaBliankinshtein   Natalia Bliankinshtein, MSc, (co-supervised by John Gyakum), 2016/09-

FengJing          Jing Feng, PhD, 2015/09-, recipient of 2016 CMOS Peter Zwack Award

ZhuTingting    Tingting Zhu, visiting PhD student (Southeast University, China), 2017/02-


Postdoctoral Fellows

WangYuwei    Yuwei Wang, 2016/09-

QuZhipeng    Zhipeng Qu, 2017/10-

Undergraduate students

ginaChou    Gina Chou, 2017/01-, Work&Study, NSERC USRA fellowship



Postdoctoral fellows

Yan Xia, 2014/09-2017/08, received a FRQNT-CSC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Minghong Zhang, 2013/01-2014/08, later a NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Graduate students

Xiaoxiao Tan, PhD, 2014/09-2017/06, co-supervised by Yongyun Hu of Peking University, recipient of a FRQNT-CSC Visiting Student Fellowship

Maziar Bani Shahabadi, PhD, 2011/12-2016/08, later a NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow at Environment and Climate Change Canada

Charles Brunette, MSc (co-supervised by Bruno Tremblay), 2015/09-2017/08

Allison Kolly, MSc, 2015/09-2017/08

Ying Sun, MSc, 2013/09-2015/06, received 2013 Mysak Graduate Fellowship, 2014 CMOS Congress best student poster prize, and 2015 Peter-Zwach Award, later a PhD student at New South Wales University

Undergraduate research assistants

Helen Gu, 2017/01-, Work&Study, held a McGill SURA fellowship

Benjamin Vennes, 2017/05-2017/08, held a NSERC USRA fellowship

James Xu, 2017/05-2017/08

Stefan Pelletier, 2017/01-2017/06

Timothy Jiang, Undergrad, 2016/01-2016/09

Jeanne Balanchette, 2013/01-2014/08, held a 2014 NSERC USRA fellowship, received a 2014 CMOS Undergraduate Scholarship and a 2014 CMOS Weather Network Scholarship

Luke Davis, 2015/09-2016/05, Honors Project (co-supervised by John Gyakum)

Megan Schaenzer, 2012/04-2012/12, held a NSERC USRA fellowship

Devon Watt, 2012/09-2012/12, received a J.S. Marshall Prize


Siyang Yin, 2017/06-2017/09, held a Mitacs fellowship

Fabien Guiche, 2014/03-2014/07, held a student fellowship of Ecole Polytechnique, France

Remi Preux, 2013/04-2013/07, held a student fellowship of Ecole Polytechnique, France

Cedric Treguer, 2012/10-2012/12, held a student fellowship of Université Paul Sabatier de Toulouse, France